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Color Wheel, Organizational Concept, Logo Design, Marketing Department Development, Website Design

Brochure, Invitation, Presentation Slides, Request for Proposal (RFP)
Special Assistance

Confidential Assignment, Excel Spreadsheet, Marketing Consultation, Research and Analysis

What is your need?  Do you require a long-term, short-term contract assignment or a specific project?  I would be honored to assist with your goals.  

Clients have included individuals, social organizations, churches, schools, small to medium companies, as well as large corporations.
Kenneth Bargers offers his marketing services as a niche in the marketing industry providing project and contract assignments without obligation to retainer or future work. This ease of arrangement assists companies in the relief of their marketing department's overflow and avoids costly obligations through temporary agency services and unknown quality of temp-to-hire performance.

Founded in 2001 by Kenneth Bargers, the Marketing division of Bargers Solutions was created to accommodate the numerous requests for marketing assistance, concepts and consultation. The steady growth over the years is a direct reflection of exceeding the expectations of satisfied clients.

Kenneth Bargers is an award-winning marketing expert with extensive experience in the real estate and security industries providing leadership in guiding companies to nationally recognized marketing achievements. 
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